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Welcome to the world of Maramataka!

The Maori lunar world!

Whether you are just beginning your Maramataka journey or back to restock on our products, you have come to right place. Each year we release our maramataka calendar, Maori new year in New Zealand in Matariki holiday in New Zealand that will help align you with the energies of Te marama (the moon) Matariki stars New Zealand, just in time for Te Tau Hou o te Maori, New Years in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

In this ever increasing stressful world, Indigenous knowledge is crucial to support greater connection and harmony within ourselves and our natural world.  Do you ever feel like you are not quite getting to where you want to go?

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Maramataka Maori wall planner 2021/2022

Starting winter 2021 and taking you through to Ngahuru/Autumn next year! Our unique colour code and daily affirmations give users an easy system to follow Marama energies. Distributed internationally. Edition 13.
Physical copy of Maramataka 2021/2022 - B2+ Size - 720x580mm 

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Maramataka journals

Six months of moon observation journals, particularly handy for wahine monitoring their wa hine (women time).  Its a special keepsake to pass on to your mokopuna.  Guide for wahine to better align with marama moon cycles through observations, karakia and planning.  

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Maramataka Workshops

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Attendee's reviews (Wahine wananga at opononi)

I really enjoyed the wananga with Hine,she has inspired me to reconnet to so many teachings in her korero and reminder to these things like maramataka, Maara Kai, Maramatanga,Mana Wahine and Mana Rangoa. Naga mihi xx


Ae Tautoko everything been said was amazing to attend and yes learning so much on our journey for empowerment into our lifestyles today.Nga mihi Heeni


This wananga and experince was truely elevating.Its amazing how simple,truthful and honest korero can be so enlightening and empowering. Heeni's journey knowledge and passion to give wahine their voice back is none other than inspiring. Nga mihi kia koe Heeni, mo to aroha kaha ki nga wahine katoa


Maramataka wall planner calendars

Some people like to use the maramataka wheel, but we find this just goes round and round and its quite difficult for beginners to track. We have been producing our maramataka wall planners for over 22 years (hand written) and the last ten printed.  They are distributed nationwide and your koha goes towards supporting the many environmental protection kaupapa and community
development we are involved in.

We do our best to match it to the right marama as our traditional Maori moon calendar is being slightly squeezed into a Gregorian time frame!  However in our workshops we teach you what marama to observe as markers and how to match your activities for the year!  Star gazing and moon watching is fantastic, but we really encourage our participants to consider how to use maramataka to benefit you in your lifes right now!

Learn more about Maramataka colour coding

Maramataka Journals with Heeni Hoterene