Health and wellness plan for organizations

Employees are precious assets of any organization. They play a vital role in progress and accomplishment of organizational goals. Therefore physical and mental wellbeing of the workforce is of prime importance. Modern day lifestyle has caused continuous pressure to do more in less time. In this quest to achieve more has compromised not only physical health but also mental health.

  • Connecting to our tupuna practices, is ultimate solution to lot of problems. Heeni as a practitioner of indigenous knowledge of maramataka had designed her wellness plan which helped her fight against stage four endometrial cancer.

With the vision to help and assist people, Heeni has started consultation and facilitating services for organizations to maintain their mental wellbeing and assist them design their wellness plan for better health and prosperity.

Benefits & Outcomes of wellness plan:

·        Increase health and wellbeing of employees, reducing the health care cost

·        Amplify employee’s productivity & reduce absenteeism.

·        Employees understand the relationship between ancient knowledge of maramataka and wellbeing.

Salient feature of services:

·        Customized according to organizational goals and problem areas.

·        Monetize and consultation guided by maramataka

·        Zoom/ in person workshops and facilitating sessions

·        Individual one on one counselling for employee if required.


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