Maramataka Colour code

we have designed a unique color code system that is over 30 years old, categorising the moon energies and activities. Using this you can plan your entire year, based on the maramataka.

This method is easy to teach beginners. Rueben developed it along time ago, adding onto Ihaka's manuscripts. 

Red for moons we need to be weary of, low energy.

Grey for moons that are rather slow and unproductive

Green for moons that are great for planting, starting new routines and projects

Blue for moons that are excellent for fishing, the water table is high and so is communication

Yellow for moons that are very high energy, karawhiu! Go for it!

The colour code is to help you get a idea of the energies across each month for the whole year!

DO NOT rename our Maori moons as blue moons, yellow moons, red moons!   Kia Kaha ki te korero Maori!  We have not translated our maramataka into English and it is displayed in hundreds of mainstream places nationwide,  Te Reo Maori 100% seen!

This year we have printed a code on the left side of the wall planner, this translates all of the marama names on the left column into English.       

Practice saying the names of each moon written in sequence on our calendar!  

Our wall planners and colour code are copy written.  Do respect the years we have spent developing and sharing this knowledge and ask permission to copy thank you.