Maramataka Workshops

 Maramataka Maori is a indeginous systems framework that encompasses environmental energies and patterns aligned with the lunar cycle. Traditionally used for fishing and gardening, maramataka is practiced in a modern-day context to enhance connectedness, planning and productivity. Based on our decades of experience and being the pioneers of this knowledge we have taught how to use maramataka in Early Childcare, Kohanga Reo, Primary mainstream, Kura Kaupapa Maori, Whare wananga, Universites, Health organisations nationwide, Government departments and most importantly whanau and marae. Recently Heeni worked as the kaupapa Maori advisor for Screen time on the first ever film to use maramataka as the framework for its production. We have worked and facilitated more than 5000 practitioners in education, health, business and the environmental sectors.

Heeni at University of Otago

Heeni at Maramataka maori workshop assisting in personal development, business structure, food production, holistic well being and curriculum development.

The maramataka wānanga promotes;

  • Consciousness of natural energies, ascending and descending.
  • Consideration for the effects of maramataka on human behavior
  • Improved communication and being in sync with others for effective outcomes
  • Empowerment towards effective decision making
  • A guide for effective planning for abundance over the next twelve months
  • An awareness of the environment – Ngā tohu

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Ngā mihi anō mo to tautoko